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Comparative study of mental state of Czech and Polish students of nursing - using own, new questionnaire. Comparative study of mental state

Andrzej Brodziak, Jana Kutnohorska, Ewa Ziółko

Med Sci Tech 2010; 51(1): 75-82

ID: 881249

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Published: 2010-06-01

Background: Some publications, as well as some own observations confirm the opinion that mental condition of contemporary living people is not very good. Doubts about the average mental state concern, in particular, young people. This raises the question whether the mental condition of young people in our country differs significantly from the average mental status in other European countries.
Methods and examined groups: The authors performed a survey, using the own questionnaire presented in the paper. They carried out comparative studies of mental state of two very similar groups of young people. These were first year students of nursing studies in Czech Republic and Poland.
Results: It seems that students in the Czech Republic have a different attitude relevant to the nursing profession. In both countries the majority of students are interested in social problems.
Conclusions: The premises exist behind that general mental condition of European nations is not good. This justify further research comparing mental condition of young people of different countries of the world.

Keywords: Comparative Study, Mental Health, Nursing, Social Problems, Consciousness