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Cruroscopy as a method of evacuating subfascial post-traumatic haematoma of lower limbs

Robert Gruda, Marian Brocki, Sławomir Jabłoński, Jacek Kordiak

Med Sci Tech 2005; 46(4): CR63-64

ID: 881475

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Published: 2005-07-16

Cruroscopy is a method used in subfascial endoscopic incision of perforating veins of shank in chronic deep vein insufficiency of a lower limb. In this study we introduced cruroscopy as a method of treatment of posttraumatic haematoma of the shank. We performed it in two cases. We achieved a complete recovery and did not find any comlications. In conclusion cruroscopy is an alternative for preservative treatment of posttraumatic haematoma of the shank. The method is not very invasive enabling a quick recovery. (Clin. Exp. Med. Lett. 2005; 46(4):63-64)

Keywords: haematoma, cruroscopy, Thoracic Surgery