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The influence of thyrometabolic state on lipid peroxidation process (II): hypothyroidism

Joanna Anna Wiktorska, Ewa Sewerynek, Andrzej Lewiński

Med Sci Tech 2006; 47(2): RP79-83

ID: 881506

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Published: 1999-11-30

Hypothyroidism is related to the suppression of the basal metabolic rate, particularly of oxygen metabolism in mitochondria and it is often associated with hypercholesterolaemia, which–inturn–revealsprooxidant activity and increases the risk of atheriosclerosis. The intensification of oxidative stress in the course of hypothyroid is minhumans has been reported. However, the investigations performed on animals provide contradictory data, what could be conditioned by several factors, out of which the age of examined animals and experimental model of hypothyroidism are of great importance. The opinion prevails that antithyroid drug administration minimizes oxidative damage of tissues resulting from hypermetabolism brought about by hyperthyroidism or by differenttoxic factors. The use of antythyroid drugs in such situations is advantageous, while in case of a normal metabolic rate, these drugs can – possibly – intensify lipid peroxidation. (Clin. Exp. Med. Lett. 2006; 47(2):79-83)

Keywords: Thyroid Hormones, Hypothyroidism, Lipid Peroxidation, Oxidative stress.