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Assessment of cigarette effects on Bone Mineral Density in young population of Iran

Moughanlou Smaiel, Faizi Fakhraddin, Nehrir Batool, Taiyebi Ali

Med Sci Tech 2006; 47(3): RA157-159

ID: 881516

Available online:

Published: 2006-03-17

Introduction: Osteoporosis is the most common metabolic disease of the bone which is known by deficit in bone mineral density that increases the risk of bone fracture. Among causes of the disease, effects of cigarette smoking on Bone Mineral Density (BMD) are puzzling. We assessed the effects on BMD and bone loss in smoking persons and compared with non-smokers as reference value. In our country more than 26% of men and 3.6% of women are current smokers. Material and methods: We randomly selected 72 healthy but current smokers aged 20-40 years and measured their BMD by DEXA technique (Dual Energy X-ray Absorbtiometry) with Lunar DPX-IQ equipment in a referral hospital in Tehran. Participants were 41 males and 31 females. BMD was measured in gr/cm2. To compare the mean, we used the student T-test. Results: We didn’t find any significant differentiation between male and female in age (P=0.07). Using T-test, in younger than 30 years, there wasn’t any significant differentiation between BMD of males and females both in BMD of hip (P=0.07) or spine (P=0.2). However, Mean BMD of spine of male in group more than 30 years was significantly grater than female (P=0.01). Mean BMD of the smokers was lower than reference value (Asian-American) and non-smokers. A dose-dependent relationship was found between cigarettes and bone loss. Conclusions: Similar studies justify the results. The data encouraging to state that cigarette smoking has anegative effect on bone mass density. It is a considerable alarm that requires our attention to reduce or maybe cessation of smoking among the young people. (Clin. Exp. Med. Lett. 2006; 47(3):157-159)

Keywords: cigarette, Smoking, bone mineral densitometry, DEXA