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Biochemical markers of bone metabolism and osteoporosis treatment

Rafał Filip

Med Sci Tech 2007; 48(2): RP83-88

ID: 881549

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Published: 2007-03-18

The potential practical application of bone tissue metabolism markers, such as, CTx, NTx, PINP, bone fraction of alkaline phosphatase or osteolalcin, covers: the expectation of bone tissue loss, assessment of fracture risk, differentiation of secondary osteoporosis, the diagnosis, as well as prognosis of the course and monitoring of the treatment of cancer metastasis to bones. In contemporary clinical practice, however, the determination of the pace of bone turnover is widely applied in the monitoring of the effectiveness of osteoporosis therapy. The article presents the effect of individual drugs applied in the treatment of osteoporosis, such as bisphosphonians, SERMs, HTZ, calcitonin, and strontium ranelate on the level of the markers of bone tissue metabolism. (Clin Exp Med Lett 2007; 48(2): 83-88)

Keywords: bone metabolism markers, Osteoporosis, treatment