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Cinacalcet has an impact on glutathione peroxidase in hemodialysed patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism

Krzysztof Wróblewski, Irmina Korzeniewska-Dyl, Konrad Walczak, Dariusz Moczulski, Zbigniew Zbróg, Paweł Fijałkowski, Jan Błaszczyk

Med Sci Tech 2007; 48(2): RA101-104

ID: 881557

Available online:

Published: 2007-03-18

Introduction: Secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) is regarded as one of the factors promoting oxidative processes in hemodialysed patients with ESRD. High parathormone (PTH) serum level may induce hypercalcemia, reduce glutathione peroxidase (GSHPx) activity and enhance oxidation. In previous reports parathyroidectomy reduced oxidative stress in patients with SHPT. A similar effect might be achieved by calcimimetics. The aim of the study was to assess the effect of treatment with cinacalcet on GSHPx activity in hemodialysed patients with SHPT. Material andMethods: 11 hemodialysed patients with SHPT and serum PTH level >300 pg/ml were included into the study. Patients were treated with cinacalcet for 24 weeks with doses recommended in clinical practice. Every 4 weeks the activity of GSHPx was measured in hemolysate of the whole peripheral blood. The effect of cinacalcet on GSHPx and the relation between PTH and GSHPx were analysed. Results: A continuous decrease in GSHPx activity was found during the first 8 weeks of observation and was statistically significant (p<0,05) in 4th, 6th and 8th week of observation. An increase in GSHPx activity in 10th and 12th week with the statistical significance (p<0,05) was noted in the latter. Conclusions: In hemodialysed patients a continuous enhancement of oxidative stress due to decreased activity of glutatione peroxidase is observed. Calcimimetics treatment seems to enhance processes of oxidation but effective decrease in PTH during the treatment might prevent the decrease of glutathione peroxidase activity in hemodialysed patients with sHPT. Apart from lowering PTH the effect of calcimimetics on other parameters of oxidation enhancement should be further investigated. (Clin Exp Med Lett 2007; 48:2: 101-104)

Keywords: calcimimetics, end-stage renal disease