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Neuroticism in adolescents with functional cardiovascular disorders

Bożena Banasiak, Piotr Kędziora, Katarzyna Niewiadomska-Jarosik, Justyna Zamojska, Jerzy Stańczyk

Med Sci Tech 2008; 49(1): RA47-50

ID: 881582

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Published: 2008-03-21

Introduction: Nowadays evaluation of psychological model of somatic disorders is at the interest of both the doctors and psychologists. Neuroticism is associated with negative health behavior and altered regulation of the cardiovascular system. The aim of the present study was to analyze neuroticism and extraversion in adolescents with functional disorders of cardiovascular system. Material and methods: The data comprised a sample of 60 children at the age of 14 to 18 years examined at the Department of Pediatric Cardiology of the 2nd Chair of Pediatrics at the Medical University of Lodz in 1999-2005. Patients were hospitalized due to syncope, dyspnoea and chest pain. Cardiologic diagnostic excluded organic disease of the heart. Psychological examination as well as interview was performed. Each patient filled the Personality Questionnaire of H. J. Eysenck. Results: Almost half of examined patients manifested high level of neuroticism what testify to weak resistance to stress, anxiety and depressive states. High results in the control scale were seen in 26 patients (44%). Adolescents with high level of neuroticism significantly more often reacted with helplessness in stressful situations. Conclusions: Adolescents with functional disorders of cardiovascular system have high level of neuroticism. Results obtained in our study confirm necessity of psychological care in patients with functional disorders of the cardiovascular system. (Clin Exp Med Lett 2008; 49(1): 47-50)

Keywords: neuroticism, extraversion, psychosocial stress, Cardiovascular Abnormalities, adolescents