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Twenty-nine years patency of the venous saphenous graft – a case report

Radosław Zwoliński, Witold Pawłowski, Marian Zwoliński, Sławomir Jander, Ryszard Jaszewski

Med Sci Tech 2008; 49(4): CR249-251

ID: 881631

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Published: 2008-03-21

Introduction: Aorto-coronary bypass grafting (CABG) surgery has been an accepted treatment modality for patients with severe angina pectoris since the 1970s. The primary goal of such an opperation was and still is relief of anginal symptoms to obtain a better quality of life. Case report: The forty-four years old man with a history of previous myocardial infarction of inferior wall and anterior was refered to CABG in 1977 due to two vessels disease, sever occlusion of right coronary artery and left anterior descending artery. Two saphenus vein grafts (SVG) were performed on cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB). He returned to the normal life vey quickly. He remained in CCS class 1 from 1977 till 2006. In 2006, the increas of stenocardia, up to CCS IV was observed. Three vessels disease with a patent vein graft to left anterior descending (LAD) was found in catheterisation, the vain graft was stenotic of 70%. The patient was reffered to re-do surgery. He had 3 grafts performed: left internal mammary artery to left anterior descending artery and two vein grafts to right posterior descending artery and to obtuse marginal artery on CPB. Conclusion: It is a unique case of 29 years long patency of the saphenous vain graft, which gave a long time good quality of live. (Clin Exp Med Lett 2008; 49(4): 249-251)

Keywords: coronary artery bypass grafting, Survival, long-term graft patency