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How does sex differentiate the situation of diabetic patients – in the light of nationwide research

Anna Abramczyk

Med Sci Tech 2009; 50(2): RA99-105

ID: 881664

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Published: 2009-03-22

Introduction: Diabetic patients consists a population with a particular risk of diseases of cardiovascular system. Among diabetic patients, higher risk of cardiovascular diseases and higher mortality is found in women then in men. Despite decreasing mortality caused by cardiovascular diseases in general population, the risk of mortality in diabetic patients increases, particularly in women. This study characterizes situation of diabetic patients in relation to the sex-determined differences. Material and methods: The research had been carried out in 61 randomly chosen national basic health service units. Research materials have been obtained from 1366 families and 1986 patients with diabetes aged above 16 years, registered on the list of the local GP. For the purpose of this work, research has been carried based on: guided nurse examination, relative assessment of fitness, GP’s documentation, anonymous questionnaire, conducted among patients and families. Results: Co-existence and over-lapping of factors (lack of preparation to self-care, improper results of biochemical tests, excessive body mass, arterial hypertension, additional diseases, addictions, ailments and disturbances of psychosomatic health, difficulties in respecting recommendations, deficiency in social functioning, deficiency in caring efficiency of the family, unfavourable socio-economical situation), which determine high and very high need for care were more frequently found for women (66.4%) then men (33.6%, p=0.00002). Conclusions: The research confirmed existence of inequalities in health and functioning of diabetic patients and the necessity to intensify medical and social care for women. (Clin Exp Med Lett 2009; 50(2):99-105)

Keywords: patients with diabetes