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The point-of-care-diagnostic with C-reactive protein in the routine

Alina Clouth, Christina Gutjahr, Gerhard M Oremek, Hildegund Sauer-Eppel

Med Sci Tech 2009; 50(2): RA71-74

ID: 881667

Available online:

Published: 2009-03-22

Introduction: The C-reative protein as acute phase protein is an important diagnostic marker for detection and course of inflammatory processes in the human body. Of the acute phase proteins it is one of that with the fastest increase of concentration and with its sensitivity it is superior to other markers of inflammation like leucocytosis, ESR and fever. In this study two point-of-care assays were compared to the standard laboratory method Tina-quant® CRP processed on a Hitachi 917: the immunofiltrations assay NycoCard® CRP Whole Blood and the turbidimetric immunoassay Micros® CRP. Both methods are for near patient testing and use capillary or venous whole blood. Methods: The CRP-concentrations of 200 patients blood samples were analysed in the standard laboratory routine and after that on both test assays. The precision of both point-of-care assays were determined in the reference interval. The statistical analysis of the results was performed using arithmetic middle, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, Spearman´s Rank Correlation, Wilcoxon Test, Passing-Bablok-Regression and Bland-Altman´s Test. Results: The NycoCard® CRP Whole Blood showed a correlation of R=0,9838 compared to the reference method Tina-quant® CRP and the precision had a coefficient of variation of CV=1,8759% The Micros® CRP correlated with R=0,9934 and had a coefficient of variation of CV=0,9160% in measurement of precision. In Both assays there were no systematical bias found and Passing-Bablok-Regression and Bland-Altman´s Test showed equivalency of NycoCard® CRP and Micros® CRP to the referenceassay Tina-quant® CRP. Conclusion: Results show that both point-of-care assays, the NycoCard® CRP Whole Blood and the Micros® CRP, are excellently suited for near patient CRP testing. (Clin Exp Med Lett 2009; 50(2):71-74)

Keywords: NycoCard CRP Whole Blood, Micros CRP, Tina-quant CRP, CRP, C-Reactive Protein, acute phase protein, point-of-care