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The role of medical guidelines in general surgery - doctors’ view - results of a pilot study

Piotr Koza, Krzysztof Kuzdak, Krzysztof Kołomecki

Med Sci Tech 2009; 50(2): RA111-113

ID: 881672

Available online:

Published: 2009-03-22

Introduction: The definition of medical guidelines as an defined methods of treatment is in actual recommendations of Evidence Based Medicine keyhole for prophylactic processes, treatment and patient’s rehabilitation. The specyphic character of intervention treatment, that includes also surgery, makes medical guidelines necessary in association with Evidence Based Medicine as an optimal method of treatment in the point of doctor’s and also patient’s view. Material and methods: The analyze of actual knowledge about the medical guidelines was made with the 10 open and closed questions’ questionnaire, that was conducted to the surgeons working in the surgery wards in hospitals in Lodz. Actual knowledge about information sources, data bases, ways of definition of medical guidelines, practical using in defined cases was analyzed. The access was also analyzed in the groups of: interns, registers, specialists and university teachers. Conclusions: The questionnaires were conducted among doctors working in the three hospitals in Lodz. In the analyzed group were: 88 interns, 4 registers, 5 specialists, 9 university teachers or scientists. Results: With the medical guidelines they meet the most during studies - 71 of them and during internship/specialization - 18. 97 of them minds the guidelines as a good way of treatment. For helpful guidelines are approved by real majority. That research is a pilot study, a continuation is planned. (Clin Exp Med Lett 2009; 50(2):111-113)

Keywords: medical guidelines, general surgery, evidence based medicine