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Application of marketing communication in the practice of primary care physicians

Łukasz Sułkowski, Robert Seliga

Med Sci Tech 2009; 50(2): RP67-69

ID: 881675

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Published: 2009-03-22

Marketing activities are more and more commonly applied in non-commercial sectors, where they have not been applied before. Contemporarily, a growing significance of the application of various marketing tools and concepts in the sector of medical services can be observed. This process is conditioned by a number of factors, one of which is the social character of this sector [1]. An increasing demand for this type of activities can be noticed both among specialised medical units as well as among general practitioners. The character of activities of both subjects is of social nature and therefore it requires the application of sophisticated patient-oriented marketing concepts. It seems that the answer for this type of demand for marketing activities is the concept of the relationship marketing, which on the one hand brings medical subjects specific benefits, and on the other hand is beneficial for the customers, in this case – patients. Relationship marketing is a concept which assumes the construction of positive ties with the customer by increasing his satisfaction level [2]. It therefore it breaks off with the manipulatory approach characteristic for traditional marketing. The concept of the relationship marketing is becoming increasingly common method of marketing activities in the medical services sector. Its application by general practitioners allows to increase the number of patients by raising the level of their satisfaction from their services. (Clin Exp Med Lett 2009; 50(2):67-69)

Keywords: relationship marketing, partnership marketing, quality, customer relationship management