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First report worldwide of huge retroperitoneal pseudocyst with high fluid concentration of CA 125

Adam Durczyński, Piotr Hogendorf, Dariusz Szymański, Janusz Strzelczyk

Med Sci Tech 2011; 52(1-2): CR67-69

ID: 882079

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Published: 2011-10-28


Background:    Primary non-traumatic retroperitoneal pseudocysts are very rare; until now those containing high fluid concentration of CA 125 have not been described.
    Case Report:    A 27-year-old male was admitted to our Department with a symptomatic, huge retroperitoneal cystic lesion of unknown origin. It was totally excised, with surrounding organs left intact. Plasma levels of neoplasm markers were normal; history of trauma, pancreatic and urogenital diseases was denied. The cyst contained transparent fluid with very high concentration of Cancer Antigen 125 (CA 125 >600 U/ml); cyst fluid culture was negative. Histopathological examination showed absence of an epithelial lining; the wall was composed of dense connective tissue. Thus, diagnosis of retroperitoneal pseudocyst was established.
    Conclusions:    Surgeons should be made aware of the possible occurrence of benign retroperitoneal cystic masses of unknown origin which may have many atypical characteristics, including elevated fluid malignancy markers.

Keywords: retroperitoneum, Pseudocyst, cancer antigen 125