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Supraglottic airway devices and protection from aspiration of pharyngeal contents – a comparison manikin study

Tomasz Gaszyński, Andrzej Wieczorek, Ewelina Gaszynska, Beata Małachowska

Med Sci Tech 2012; 53(3): RP119-121

ID: 883610

Available online:

Published: 2012-12-03

Background:    The use of airway management methods that are alternatives to intubation, such as supraglottic devices, may not provide adequate protection of airways against entry of pharyngeal contents (vomitus, saliva, blood) into lower airways, which may cause severe complications like pulmonitis. We evaluated several supraglottic devices in terms of leakage of fluid (simulated vomiting) to the bronchial tree.
    Material/Methods:    The study was performed with the following supraglottic devices: LMA SUPREME, INTERSURGICAL I-GEL, COBRA PLA, and laryngeal tube by VBM. After the device was introduced, the cuff was inflated with a manometer to achieve proper pressure (when applicable), its location was checked with a fiberscope, and after connecting a respirator, the oral cavity was filled with water, simulated vomiting. Manikins were observed for presence of fluid in the lower airway during ventilation with a self-inflating bag.
    Results:    Only LMA SUPREME and I-GEL INTERSURGICAL kept fully airtight, which protected the bronchial tree from entry of pharyngeal contents.
    Conclusions:    LMA SUPREME and I-GEL INTERSURGICAL protected the airway from aspiration of vomitus.

Keywords: airway management, aspiration, Laryngeal Masks