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Oral rehabilitation in a pediatric patient: Long-term follow-up

Maria Aldeide da Costa Borges, Elaine Marcílio Santos, Thays Almeida Alfaya, Analúcia Ferreira Marangoni, Carolina Cardoso Guedes, Sandra Kalil Bussadori

Med Sci Tech 2012; 53(3): CR137-141

ID: 883613

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Published: 2012-12-03


Background:    Early childhood caries is considered an important public health problem.
    Case Report:    This paper describes the long-term follow-up of a 4-year-old male patient who sought dental treatment accompanied by his mother, with a main complaint of pain and extensive caries in all teeth. Treatment consisted of pulpectomies, extractions, and oral rehabilitation. Orientation regarding oral hygiene and dietary habits was given in the presence of the mother and supervised brushing was performed during the appointments. The patient was followed up for a period of 15 years, during which time other procedures were performed for the maintenance of adequate occlusion. No carious lesions were observed on the permanent teeth during the follow-up period because the patient had acquired adequate oral hygiene practices.
    Conclusions:    Oral rehabilitation and counseling on oral hygiene and diet effectively encouraged adequate habits in this pediatric patient.

Keywords: Dentition, Primary, Dental Caries, Mouth Rehabilitation