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Biological determinants of social maladjustment

Renata Markiewicz, Mariusz Goniewicz, Anna Włoszczak-Szubzda, Mirosław Jerzy Jarosz

Med Sci Tech 2012; 53(3): RP153-157

ID: 883616

Available online:

Published: 2012-12-03

This article discusses biological correlates – genetic, hormonal and neurological – which may be associated with the normal functioning of an individual in the social environment. A literature review was performed, covering: 1) genetic factors (anthropology and inheritance), 2) hormonal factors (functional disorders of the thyroid gland, adrenal gland, pancreas, parathyroid glands, sex glands), and 3) neurological factors. The literature review presented is aimed at searching for common research areas between various human sciences. This will allow the establishment of biological determinants of human personality (ie, elements on which an individual has no effect); however, the consideration of these elements in the context of the process of socialization would enable their optimum use for the benefit of individuals and society.

Keywords: social maladjustment, Biological Factors, biological