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Functioning of role II laboratories within the Polish Medical Support Group during the 9th shift of Polish Task Forces in Afghanistan

Grażyna Goryszewska, Marian Dójczyński, Marek Paradowski

Med Sci Tech 2012; 53(4): RA187-192

ID: 883656

Available online:

Published: 2012-12-17


Background:    The Polish Field Hospital (PFH), developed by the Polish Medical Support Group (MSG) in Ghazni province, Afghanistan, provides medical services to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), which is stationed in this area. Laboratory diagnostics is one of the hospital’s activities. This study analyses functioning of analytic and microbiological laboratories operating during the 9th deployment of the Polish Military Contingent (PMC).
    Material/Methods:    The study was conducted on the basis of active participation in MSG laboratory operations. Observations and analyses based on own experiences and professional qualifications were made and were subsequently compared with the available literature data concerning basic legal documents pertaining to laboratory functioning. Additionally, our own experiences from participation in previous Polish peace missions, including Lebanon and Syria, are included.
    Results:    Modification of several elements of laboratory functioning are proposed and areas to be improved are indicated based on this study’s results and previously verified observations.
    Conclusions:    MSG laboratories (analytic and microbiological), being an element of the PFH in Ghazni, meet the NATO criteria for the second enhanced level of Medical Support in the process of providing medical care to military forces operating outside Poland.

Keywords: Polish Field Hospital , Medical Support Group, Second Role Laboratories