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Conservative esthetic approach to macrodontia: A case report

Milton Satoiuqui Masuda, Carolina Cardoso Guedes, Joanna Carolina Bachiega, Thays Almeida Alfaya, Nora Maria Prats Branco, Sandra Kalil Bussadori

Med Sci Tech 2012; 53(4): CR193-195

ID: 883657

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Published: 2012-12-17


Background:    Macrodontia is a dental anomaly in which teeth are larger than the size considered normal. This paper presents a restorative technique that preserves the tooth structure and provides satisfactory esthetics for patients with macrodontia, allowing them to recover their self-esteem.
    Case Report:    The method proposes a planning protocol made up of a diagnostic wax-up and morphological simulations of the final anatomic composition. We made molds of the dental arch for the study models used to confect the wax-ups and restorations with composite resins and artificial gums, simulating 2 morphological compositions: 1) central incisors crowding the lateral incisors, and 2) central and lateral incisors aligned. In the clinical phase, conservative restorative treatment was executed based on the patient’s choice, with no wear of the dental surface. Restorations were produced with composite resin.
    Conclusions:    Teeth with macrodontia can undergo conservative esthetic reconstruction using a minimally invasive technique. In the case presented, the correct diagnosis and detailed planning, followed by the use of composite resin, allowed a satisfactory result, with the recovery of the self-esteem of a young patient.

Keywords: Tooth Abnormalities, Child, Therapeutics