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The evolution of sport trauma over time

Nikitas N. Nomikos, Evangelia K. Chounta, George N. Nomikos

Med Sci Tech 2010; 51(3-4): RP159-161

ID: 881417

Cultivated during the centuries, the desire for distinction in combination with the ideal of citius, altius, fortius (faster, higher, stronger), fostered the development of high intensity sports events. The present review aims to critically discuss the evolution of sports injuries in the ancient and contemporary worlds. In ancient Greece, sports were distinguished as “light” sports – stadion (200 yard dash), diavlon (351 yard dash), long distance running, jumping and spear throwing; and “heavy” sports – pankration (a combination of boxing and wrestling), wrestling, boxing, and discus throwing. Nowadays, there is no such distinction, and it has been replaced by age, sex and body mass categories. Taking into account the results, sport trauma varies each era and is directly related to its historic period of origin. Athletic injuries in antiquity were more common and severe than in modern times.

Keywords: Medicine, trauma, Anatomy, sport injuries, Sports

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