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Selected pro- and antioxidative microelements concentrations in blood plasma of patients with chronic inflammatory, precancerous conditions and cancer of the larynx

Maciej Rutkowski, Krzysztof Grzegorczyk, Alicja Lipka-Kociszewska, Ewa Maria Ertel, Józef Kędziora

Med Sci Tech 2006; 47(3): RA169-174

ID: 881515

Introduction: Reactive oxygen species (ROS) belong to the factors inducing neoplastic cell transformation. Theyareformed with, among others, participation of prooxidative micro-elements, mainly iron (Fe) and copper (Cu). Antioxidative microelements - selenium (Se) and zinc (Zn), deactivating ROS counteract their carcinogenic effect. Larynxisthe organ exposed to Fe and Cu contained in air solid particles. With concurrent deficiency of antioxidants (including Se and Zn), the exposition may lead to ROS-induced in flammatory conditions and neoplastic transformations in the organ. Aim of the study: Determination of Fe, Cu, Se and Zn concentrations in blood plasma of patients with the below-mentioned laryngopathies and their comparison with the results obtained for healthy individuals. Material and Methods: The study involved 4 groups of patients of both sexes: I(control)– 33 healthy individuals, II – 33 patients with chronic laryngitis, III – 33 patients with precancerous conditions of larynx, IV – 34 patients with larynx cancer. Blood plasma samples collected from those patients were mineralized with mixture of 30% H2O2 and 65% HNO3 (1:4, v/v) in a microwave oven for 45 minutes. After dilution with deionised water they were as sayedusingatomice mission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (AES-ICP). Results: The biggest Cumean concentrations were found in blood plasma of patients with larynx cancer (134 ± 9 μg/dl) with simultaneous strongest decrease of Fe, Se and Zn concentrations in the same group (78 ± 10, 1.6 ± 0.5 and 14 ± 3 μg/dl, respectively). Conclusions: The obtained results confirm participation of Feand Cuinaetiology and development of larynx cancer. They suggest also advisability of Seand Zn supplementation in therapeutic procedures. (Clin. Exp. Med. Lett. 2006; 47(3):169-174)

Keywords: prooxidative and antioxidative microelements, larynx cancer, chronic inflammatory

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