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The assessment of mandibular movements in edentulous patients

Maciej Split, Maciej Romanowicz, Marcin Kowalski, Wojciech Split

Med Sci Tech 2007; 48(2): RA135-139

ID: 881555

Introduction: Tooth loss causes deterioration in occlusal stability of stomatognathic system. apparatus. As a result of edontulousness, the proprioception from the periodontium is disturbed. The clinical findings indicate that the latter results in malfunction of mandibular movements. Material and methods: Forty-eight edentulous patients aged 41-80 years, who had never undergone any prosthodontic treatment, were evaluated. Patients with diagnosed oromandibular disorders and degenerative changes in TMJ were excluded from the study. The methods were based on instrumental diagnosis of the mandibular movements using the Gerber system. The qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the Gothic arch was undertaken. The statistical analysis was performed by means of the Chi square test of independence. Results: The disorders in the mandibular movements in the horizontal plane were found in every subject. The protrusive movement was absent in 5 patients and uncoordinated (with a multilinear path tracing) in 43 patients. The lateral movement was absent in 11 patients. The regular lateral movement to the right was observed only in 2 patients, and to the left in 3 patients. The multilinear path tracing was present in the remaining subjects. In 22 patients, the lateral movement initiated from the habitual protrusive position of mandibular condyles. The lateral movement with the mandibular condyle instability on the working side was found in 11 patients. Conclusions: In edentulous patients, the mandibular movements in the horizontal plane are deteriorated. Therefore, the improvement in masticatory muscles functionality should be considered as one of the important objectives in prosthodontic rehabilitation. (Clin Exp Med Lett 2007; 48(2): 135-139)

Keywords: edentulous patients, mandibular movements, Gerber system, Gothic arch

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